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Welcome to the Kenya Airways virtual- Vkenya, One of the largest and most active virtual airlines in Africa and in the flight sim community. We are a group of flight sim enthusiasts who fly real world routes for Kenya Airways and Jambojet a subsidiary of KQ, using Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D and X-Plane. This document has been put together for the purpose of guiding you to airline information and procedures for your daily operations. All valuable information to get informed on procedures will be found in this document. This document will be kept up to date and all pilots will be informed when update are published.

File:Airplane silhouette.svgHISTORY

VKenya was founded on February 2015 and Launched on 8 April 2015, our mission is to promote aviation (and more directly, virtual aviation as an object of passion, a hobby, and rewarding career to Kenya and the wider Africa.

File:Airplane silhouette.svgNew Pilot Information

Membership is absolutely open and free to any flight enthusiast. Upon successfully being accepted to join Vkenya, the pilot will receive an email from a member staff notifying the applicant on complete acceptance or denial of their registration. At this point, the applicant will join the roster as a Cadet and have full access to all of the VA's features using their assigned PID and password created at registration. We have a very active yet relaxed staff team that is here to help and support you.

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File:Airplane silhouette.svgPIREPs

Our philosophy is to ensure realism, as much as is possible within the confines of Flight Simulator. We firmly believe we have the most advanced PIREP and flight tracking system of any virtual airline in the world. We have countless unique and exciting features to offer our pilots, and we are constantly in development! Pirep requirements are as follows


File:Airplane silhouette.svgVKENYA Virtual Tracker

VKENYA (MSAFIRI TRACKER) is a Virtual custom made tracking system,

smartCARS is available to all pilots which can be downloaded from the website or through this link www.vkenya.or.ke/tracker. In order for smartCARS to function correctly, you will need to purchase or use the free version of Peter Dowson's "FSUIPC". All pilots are required to use this program to track flight information which will be sent to the Vkenya Virtual Server for record keeping. We are not able to accept flights which have been tracked using other recording systems.FSUIPC5 5.151 for Prepar3D Version 4  or XPUIPC REPOSITORY: XPUIPC


File:Airplane silhouette.svgRANK STRUCTURE

Ranks are based on total airline hours. Everyone begins as a Cadet. As your total hours increase your rank level increases.
We do not believe hours in the cockpit is a fair evaluation of a pilot's ability since most experience is gained during the departure and arrival phases of flight.

Rank Title Minimum Hours       Rank Image     Pay Rate           Total Pilots
Cadet 0 KSh 250/hr 21
Flight Support Officer 40 KSh 500/hr 11
Second Officer 120 KSh 750/hr 2
First Officer 250 KSh1000/hr 4
Captain Second Class 500 KSh 2000/hr 2
Captain First Class 750 KSh 3000/hr 0
Senior Captain 1500 KSh 4000/hr 0
Executive Captain 3000 KSh 5000/hr 0  

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·     We are Kenya Airways Virtual (VKenya). www.vkenya.or.ke


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