Vkenya, is based on Kenya airways ©,
We currently operate a full flight schedule based upon the flight schedules and timetables of the real world carrier using a full fleet of aircraft.

Kenya Airways Fleet : Total Aircrafts: 40, Total Schedules: 156, Destinations: 53.

  • Kenya Airways B787-8 

  • Number in fleet: 7 Code: B787 Max Range: 8000 nm Service Ceiling: 43000 ft
    Max Cruise Speed: 487 kts Total Height: 55'6 Max Fuel: lbs Total Length: 186'0
    MTOW: 484000 lbs Wing Span: 197'0 Powerplants: 2 x RR Trent 1000
    Flight Crew: 2 Passengers: 240 Cabin Crew: 8 Cargo Capacity: lbs

  • Kenya Airways B777-300ER

  • Number in fleet: 3 Code: B77L Max Range: 9380 nm Service Ceiling: 43100 ft
    Max Cruise Speed: 512 kts Total Height: 61' 1 Max Fuel: 357283 lbs Total Length: 212' 1
    MTOW: 766000 lbs Wing Span: 212' 7 Powerplants: GE90-115B1
    Flight Crew: 2 Passengers: 396 Cabin Crew: 8 Cargo Capacity: lbs

  • Kenya Airways B737-800

  • Number in fleet 8 Code: B738 Max Range: 3060 nm Service Ceiling: 41000 ft
    Max Cruise Speed: 475 kts Total Height: 41' 2'' Max Fuel: 45811 lbs Total Length: 129' 6''
    MTOW: 164000 lbs Wing Span: 112' 7'' Powerplants: 2x CFM56-7B26 turbofans
    Flight Crew: 2 Passengers: 162 Cabin Crew: 3 Cargo Capacity: 44555 lbs
  • Kenya Airways B737-700

  • Number in fleet 2 Code: B737 Max Range: 3900 nm Service Ceiling: 41000 ft
    Max Cruise Speed: 475 kts Total Height: 41' 3'' Max Fuel: 26020 lbs Total Length: 110' 4''
    MTOW: 154400 lbs Wing Span: 117' 5'' Powerplants: 2x CFM56-7B20s
    Flight Crew: 2 Passengers: 136 Cabin Crew: 4 Cargo Capacity: 33069 lbs


  • Kenya Airways B737-300F


  • Number of aircraft: 5
  •   (CARGO, Crew of 4)

    Wingspan : 94ft 9in    Height : 36ft 6in    Length :109ft 7in

    PowerPlant : Two CFM56-3B1

    Typical Cruise Speed: Ceiling : 37,000 ft  Max Range : 2,270nm


     Empty Weight :72,100 lbs

     Max T/O Weight :138,500 l

  • Kenya Airways Embraer E190 

    Number of Aircraft:
    23,500 lb
    GE (General Electric) CF34-10E6
    12 (Premier World)
    84 (Economy)
    Max. Take off weight:
    Seat Pitch:
    38 inches Premier World
    31 inches Economy
    Maximum Range:

    Entertainment System:

    In-seat individual touch screens

    @ 35,000ft altitude
    Mach 0.82


Jambo! Welcome! We are VKenya, the virtual airline embodiment mirroring Africa's premier airline, Kenya Airways. With lew and open pilot requirements, we offer our pilots the opportunity to fly our admirable fleet anywhere across our world-spanning network that is sure to bring you to both wildly exotic places and major international cities. We have two, equally important main focuses - they are to make VKenya a truly superior virtual airline with many happy pilots, and to promote our hobby (virtual aviation) to Africa, and particularly Kenya, eventually making it a thriving area for flight simulation enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy.


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