Michael Calvins

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Pilot Number KQA021
Rank Cadet
Experience 14 flights, over 20 hours
Country Kenya
VATSIM ID 1380826


Pilot Reports

Flight Number Origin Destination Aircraft Type Flight Time Submitted Status
KQA584 HKJK FLSK B737-800 (5Y-KYD) 02.07 17/05/2017 Accepted
KQA406C HDAM HKJK B777-300ER (5Y-KZZ) 02.05 14/05/2017 Accepted
KQA601 HKMO HKJK E190AR (5Y-KYR) 00.45 18/04/2017 Accepted
KQA601 HKMO HKJK E190AR (5Y-KYR) 00.58 17/04/2017 Accepted
KQA601 HKMO HKJK E190AR (5Y-KYR) 00.59 16/04/2017 Accepted
KQA601 HKMO HKJK E190AR (5Y-KYR) 00.40 15/04/2017 Accepted
KQA604 HKJK HKMO E190AR (5Y-KYR) 00.42 15/04/2017 Accepted
KQA481 HTDA HKJK B737-800 (5Y-CYA) 00.57 04/04/2017 Accepted
KQA480 HKJK HTDA B737-800 (5Y-CYA) 01.10 04/04/2017 Accepted
KQA5593B GLRB GFLL B737-800 (5Y-KYD) 00.48 29/03/2017 Accepted
JX8683 HKLU HKML DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXA) 00.39 22/03/2017 Accepted
KQA600 HKJK HKMO E190AR (5Y-KYR) 00.47 23/01/2017 Accepted
KQA254 HKJK FMCH E190AR (5Y-KYR) 02.01 22/01/2017 Accepted
KQA505 DGAA HKJK B777-300ER (5Y-KZZ) 05.40 21/01/2017 Accepted


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