Oliver Hayes

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Pilot Number KQA025
Rank Flight Support Officer
Experience 19 flights, over 54 hours
Country United Kingdom
VATSIM ID 1299635


Pilot Reports

Flight Number Origin Destination Aircraft Type Flight Time Submitted Status
KQA351 HSSJ HKJK B737-700 (5Y-KQF) 01.15 29/09/2018 Accepted
KQA3 KJFK HKJK B787-8 (5Y-KZA) 13.21 28/09/2018 Accepted
KQA349 HSSS HKJK B737-700 (5Y-KQF) 02.30 27/09/2018 Accepted
KQA2 HKJK KJFK B787-8 (5Y-KZA) 14.09 27/09/2018 Accepted
KQA350 HKJK HSSJ B737-700 (5Y-KQF) 01.17 24/09/2018 Accepted
KQA251 FSIA HKJK B787-8 (5Y-KZE) 02.35 22/06/2018 Accepted
KQA250 HKJK FSIA B737-700 (5Y-KQE) 02.32 22/06/2018 Accepted
KQA116 HKJK EHAM B777-300ER (5Y-KZZ) 07.10 19/06/2018 Accepted
KQA651 HKKI HKJK B737-700 (5Y-KQF) 00.29 31/05/2018 Accepted
KQA485 HTDA HKJK B737-800 (5Y-CYA) 00.54 30/05/2018 Accepted
JMA8520 HKJK HUEN DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXB) 00.57 27/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8655 HKKI HKJK DHC-8-400 (5Y-QUE) 00.34 26/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8606 HKJK HKMO DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXB) 00.47 22/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8654 HKJK HKKI DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXA) 00.32 21/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8521 HUEN HKJK DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXB) 00.57 21/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8520 HKJK HUEN DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXB) 01.02 21/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8633 HKWJ HKJK DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXB) 00.51 21/04/2018 Accepted
JMA8632 HKJK HKWJ DHC-8-400 (5Y-JXB) 00.56 21/04/2018 Accepted
KQA480 HKJK HTDA B737-800 (5Y-KYF) 01.03 15/02/2017 Accepted


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